Consumer Affairs

We will end price gouging and “net throttling”, preventing a two-tiered internet.

Ensure motorists can choose their own mechanic. New right-to-repair legislation will require automakers to make diagnostic software available to all repair shops and technicians.

Bring all consumer-related federal agencies under one roof by naming a Minister specifically responsible for consumer affairs. Canadians deserve a Minister devoted to protecting their interests.

Protect consumers in sectors where only a handful of companies control the entire industry by strengthening the Competition Act and the regulatory powers of the CRTC, the Competition Bureau and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

The United Party will take action to ensure the food you buy in the store is safe to eat.  We will work in consultation with consumers, workers and industry to:

Increase number of inspectors at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. We will increase administrative support so inspectors can spend more time on the floor and less time on paperwork.

Reduce worker injuries, increase the quality of the food, and ensure greater safety of products by introducing regulations on “line speed” in meat processing plants that match existing requirements in the European Union.

Improve the system for warning families of potential dangers with consistent policies for immediate public notification of food safety problems.

Require labelling of genetically engineered foods and farmed fish.

Require full accuracy and accountability for labels stating “Made in Canada”.