Government & Civil Liberties

Your privacy’s being undermined. There are plans for intrusive ID cards, and the Government intrudes into our lives and keeps losing private information. The United Party will stop identity Cards and use the money to pay for more police.

For the people, by the people – We will involve the Canadian people and operate a transparent and open government with strong Freedom of Information legislation. We will increase the accountability of the government and strengthen the ‘Accountability Act”.

Restore the public’s trust in the Senate – We will initiate as a governing party a simple and straight forward way to choose new Senator’s when needed. We will support the ad-hoc choice of all parties sitting in the House Of Commons to choose a person to serve as a Senator   on a rotational basis, depending on how many are required starting with the government.

We will also change the way our Governor General is chosen: The day to day role of the Canadian Head of State is largely ceremonial.  However, the existence of the position is designed to place a check on the absolute power of the Head of Government and his followers.  The main characteristics of a Head of State should be the ability to project statesmanship and knowledge of Canadian government and the Constitution.

In order to ensure that partisanship is not the primary element in the selection process I suggest the following:

The selection of the Head of State would be entrusted to a college of elected officials. The “college” delegated with the duty of “electing” the Head of State would be made up of the heads of government of the ten provinces, the three territories, and the Prime Minister with one vote each.  The candidates (either three or five) would be nominated by the justices of the Supreme Court of Canada through a process to be pre-determined.  The college would be “locked” together in a venue until a Head of State was chosen.