Natural Environment

Niagara falls and rainbow
Canada is breathtaking, and we are a nation rich in plants and wildlife and beautiful open spaces. For nature’s beauty to be maintained and enhanced our countryside must be looked after. We will use its resources more wisely. We will protect the parks, countryside and coastline. We believe everyone has a part to play also that everyone should be able to reap its benefits.

Enhancing Canada’s natural environment – We believe in a universal right to responsible, managed access. We will promote schemes to enhance wildlife protection and help species adapt to the affects of climate change. At sea we have plans for strengthened regulation to protect the marine environment. We also want to promote policies that reconnect people with the natural environment through education, access to allotments and support for reserves and conservation projects.

Saving money by saving the planet – We will tackle the rising levels of waste (a major source of green house gases and landfill) by acting to reduce packaging and recycling the rest. We will use waste to create cheap and renewable energy.

Tax pollution not people – We want to reverse the decline in green taxation under past government’s, and use the revenue to cut income tax for the worst off. We will cut income tax and increase taxes on carbon emissions and other resource usage that cause global warming.  So the more you go green, the more money you save.

Adapting climate change – We will instil new urgency in the drive to adapt to the consequences of climate change, in particular by improving management of water resources and by enhancing flood defences through investment in infrastructure and better coordination of the responsible agencies. We will work with water companies to deliver long term solutions to reduce impact and deliver sustainable secure supplies.

Supporting developing nations in tacking climate change – We will support developing nations with funding to help eliminate environmentally destructive development by transferring technology.