Millions of people

are worried about their jobs and how they will pay their bills.

The government allowed the economy to get out of control by letting people get into too much debt. We believe that people need help now to get through these hard times. We would create a stable economy where ordinary, hard-working people can get ahead

Cutting taxes for ordinary families – We will make the tax system permanently fairer by cutting income tax for people on low and middle incomes and by raising the threshold at which people start paying tax. We would pay for this tax cut by closing tax loopholes. We would also crack down on tax avoidance.

Create a Green-Collar Jobs Fund of $750 million a year to train new workers and re-train displaced workers. This will provide the skills to install and maintain energy efficient and renewable energy technology. It will support the transition from jobs in older, higher-pollution energy systems.

Environmental fee’s can be used to encourage people to act in an environmentally sustainable way. We will launch an Environmental Incentive Programme within the CCRA to advise government and Parliament on ways to reform taxes and incentives to encourage sustainable development.

Pocket Guide to the United Party of Canada Policies November 2010