Working with provincial and territorial governments, First Nations, Wood Lot Owners, workers and management in the forest industry the United Party will:

Support sustainability in forest management practices, including incentives for certification, to keep the industry sustainable for communities, workers, and future generations.

End the governments restrictive 2007 Canada-US softwood lumber agreement, work to re-open U.S. markets based on fair trade in lumber, and develop alternatives to the US market.

Restrict raw log exports to make sure that Canadian jobs come first.

Maximize opportunities for workers and businesses through value-added development, expanded product exports, innovation and opening new markets. Overhaul the federal government’s inadequate program to mitigate the impacts of the pine beetle and other insect epidemics. We will:

  • Develop harvesting strategies and new uses for affected trees, including as clean and sustainable bio-fuels.
  • Emphasize climate change solutions and adaptation strategies.
  • Encourage economic diversification.
  • Promote forestry industry opportunities, and forest sustainability.