Canada’s fisheries belong to all Canadians, not to private interests. We will focus on the long-term economic and environmental sustainability of our marine resources, not on rewarding special interests.

Support the international initiative through the United Nations for a moratorium on high seas drag nets and gill nets.

Ensure that all aquaculture operations meet the highest environmental standards. We will promote the use of closed tank technologies. We will work in partnership with provincial governments, stakeholders and First Nations to protect adjacent waters, communities, and wild fish stocks.

Invest more in habitat protection and salmon enhancement. We will increase enforcement by hiring more fisheries officers and updating the Fisheries Act.

Reaffirm and enforce the oil tanker moratorium on B.C.’s inland coast, including the North Coast inside Passage and Hecate Strait.

Maintain the moratoria on oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and off the B.C. coast where the ecological threat is significant.