Health – Romanow Report

Our Medi-Care system treats most people very well but too many mistakes are still made and standards of Care are patchy. Too much money is being wasted on bureaucrats. Doctors and nurses spend too much time trying to meet government targets rather than caring for patients. The United Party believes that patients must come first. We will work with the provinces to guarantee you get your treatment on time.

Universal Health Care guarantee – We believe care should be based on need not ability to pay, so we will ensure that everyone in need gets an adequate level of support.

Improve access to treatment for people with depression and anxiety – We will increase capacity within the Health Care so that people with depression and anxiety can get access to treatment.

Tackle the Dental crisis – We will strive to include Dental Care into our Universal Health Care system and try and create incentives for dentists to treat patients in the greatest need.

We will also promote good oral health.