There is too much traffic on the roads, trains are expensive and overcrowded, and buses are too few and far between, particularly in the countryside. We believe that around our urban centres they should have a fully integrated system of buses and trains and they should be affordable and reliable so people can have a real choice about how to travel.

That’s how we can cut pollution and make it easy for people to leave their car at home. We will open new railway stations and new lines with high speed trains between cities. We want local people to have a say on bus fares and routes in their area. We want to cut the number of trucks on our roads to reduce congestion and cut exhaust fumes.

A modern, viable, accessible transport system – We believe people have a right to safe, reliable and affordable transport choices wherever they live. We will build a national rail network fit for the demands of modern Canada, including commencing a priority programme for high speed rail and introducing a rolling programme of rail expansion schemes in local areas including opening new lines.

An environmentally friendly transport policy – In terms of car use, we will introduce strict new targets on new car emissions.

Sustainable methods of moving freight – Reduce accidents and railroad derailments. We will establish and better enforce high standards of public safety in air, rail, road and marine transport based on carrier responsibility, best practices and recommendations from regulatory and legal investigations.

We will ensure good rail paths on key strategic freight corridors, facilitate the maximum use of inland and coastal waterways and encourage research and development into low-carbon technologies for freight vehicles.

Green zero-carbon vehicles - We will set a zero emissions target for all new cars by 2040.

We will also extend targets to all other vehicles, to ensure that by 2050 all freight vehicles

are running on electricity, sustainable bio-fuels or other renewable fuels.