Law And Order

People’s lives are being ruined by crime and they don’t feel safe in their own homes or their neighbourhood. Too many criminals are not caught or punished. The United Party believes that tackling crime is about catching criminals and making them pay for what they have done.

We will ensure that a “Life Sentence” means a “Life Sentence”. We will eliminate any credit for double or more time served – that is the price for the individual committing a crime in Canada from now on.  We will also implement in legislation the “prisoners work scheme” whereby convicted persons will pay into a Victims Compensation Fund.

Make prisons fit for purpose –We will reform the prison system so that the most dangerous and serious offenders are housed in adequate facilities with greater emphasis on rehabilitation, restorative justice, drug, alcohol and mental health treatment. We will ensure that all prisoners have access to education and training as a route into work to reduce the likelihood of re-offending, for example re-establishing the prison farm system.

Make prisoners support their families and compensate their victims – We will ensure that prisoners work and will include a scheme in which a proportion of money earned will be paid into a common fund for victims. Prison-based work schemes will be expanded to provide previous offenders with realistic alternatives to crime, easing the pressure on the prison service and on the Canadian tax payer. We will allocate resources to new secure mental health and drug treatment centres rather than new prisons.


Clarity Act Refinements:

The United Party believes we need to put an end to separatist debates once and for all, if we want to move on as a nation.



The United Party will give its support to decriminalize marijuana for simple possession of less than an ounce, and pardon all previous charges for the same.