The United Party of Canada wants all children to get the best of starts in life. We will invest in every child so they get an excellent education and we will try to help the provinces raise standards in every school. At university, we will scrap tuition fees for full and part-time students so long as they maintain a passing grade.

Free tuition for higher education degree qualifications – We will provide free tuition for provincially accredited University, College and Vocational courses, again as long as the student maintains a passing grade, and the courses can be taken full-time or part-time, as suits the individual.

Further, the minimum income will be provided to post secondary students.  A student can study knowing that they have their living and tuition paid for with almost a $100 a week to spare.  By approaching students’ financial situation in such a way we can make sure that they can pursue their studies, foster new businesses, and further enrich our Canadian economy while not exiting school with a huge financial burden.

By protecting our students in this way we can make sure that many more graduates stay and practice their professions in Canada so that we’re not training other country’s doctors, engineers, and other professionals.  In a global market that is getting more and more educated, it is our duty that our populace is better educated so that we can continue to compete and prosper on the world stage.  Ireland and Germany have been supporting their students in this manner for many years and have enjoyed extreme economic growth as a result. This is an opportunity that we are missing out on.