Removing bureaucracy, increasing our economy's buying power, guaranteeing a minimum level of income, why are our politician's afraid to do something many experts agree with?

Why does guaranteeing a minimum annual salary to all Canadians scare politicians so much? Many people view this as establishing a welfare state while bankrupting our country during the process. This is so far from the truth. By taking a fresh look on how we help our co-citizens, we can provide everybody with the basics of life while streamlining our bureaucracy, increasing our tax base, and stimulating our retail industry!

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We stand for


Economic Renewal and Progress

Economic renewal and progress for the twenty first century is closely linked to environmental sustainability and conservation. As caretakers of our environment and wildlife, we stand up for our environment while making sure that our advances in environmental progress does not make a substantial negative impact on our economy.


The Rights of Common Citizens

We are providing a voice for ALL Canadians no matter their political, philosophical or ethnic background. We are not Liberal, Conservative, Green, or N.D.P. … We are the United Party of Canada!

Individual Freedom

We stand up for individual freedom, including freedom of speech, assembly, and self-determination. We recognize that with such freedom comes responsibility.

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